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Alex Kowal

The idea to found a kite club in Sopot came to Alex’s mind seven years ago. His passion and dedication to this activity laid the foundation for club foundation. Together with his co-thinkers, Alex invested his fuds into the club and did not regret that even for a minute!
Founder, Chief Manager

Janek Nowak

Janek is a real kite fan, whose passion and interest encourage people to join the club. He is also a professional instructor, who is always eager to share his experience and recommendations with club members.
Team Rider and Instructor

Max Młynarski

Max has been practicing freestyle kite riding for over 5 years already and he is a real pro! His experience is rich and interesting. You can always rely on this devoted instructor, who offers individual attention to each and every client.
Team Rider, Freestyle Instructor


Our best instructors will teach you the intricacies of kiteboarding to let you enjoy those magnificent feelings this activity brings to its real fans! We provide full kitesurf equipment, insurance and rescue boat for maximum safety and efficacy of each lesson!

Group kiteboarding classes is a fun and effective way to enjoy this activity in a good company of co-thinkers, who share your passion for kiteboarding! The club will provide you and your partner with insurance, full kitesurf equipment and rescue board that will accompany you during each class!

By joining our kitesurf camps in Sopot, you will not only improve your kiteboarding skills, but will also meet cool people, who share your interests and understand your hobby. Together, you will have great time! The camp offers everyday kiteboarding lessons, accomodation, full kitesurf equipment, insurance, boat rescue, IKO Certificate!

Here, at Sopot Kite Club, we organize frequent kitesurf trips to the well-known kitesurf destinations in Sopot and abroad. Trips to these spots are always filled with pleasant memories, vivid impressions, pleasant communication and unforgettable experience! Most of them include accomodation, full kitesurf equipment, kite coaching, rescue boat service, spot guidance and assistance, photo and video shooting and even souvenirs!

What our Custumers Say

Learning the art of kitesurfing has been one of my dreams since childhood. As I grew up, I felt a real passion for this occupation, when observing the way the professionals do this. But… I always was pressed for time and I couldn’t find a spare moment to make my dream come true. Last summer, I was lucky to visit Sopot, where I finally enrolled the kitesurfing course. It was so exciting to become a “master of waves” (this is how my friends call me now). I’m going to come back here next summer to improve my skills and just to have good time!

Andrew Beams

Summer vacation is a special time for me - just like for the majority of people, I guess. This is the time, when I can relax, distract from the city hassle and just enjoy the places I visit. But I have one tradition I try to follow each year. Wherever I travel, I always try to learn something new and to do something I've never done before. Last year, I spent my vacation in Sopot, where one of my friends advised me to learn kitesurfing. I can’t tell that I’ve been fascinated with this idea first, but when I made the first try, I liked it a lot. Now, I’m a real fan of kitesurfing! Thanks for this wonderful experience!

Howard Steele

Sopot Kite School is a school of new generation - this is what I can tell, having visited the place a couple of months ago. I’ve always been a fan of healthy lifestyle and I’m a sports fan as well. Kitesurfing is one of my hobbies, but there is one thing I wish to tell the newbies: if you have never tried it before, keep in mind that mastering it will take some time, patience and effort. But that’s definitely worth trying!

Beckie Walsh


Beginners will learn the safety rules, the way to prepare and launch a kite, the rules of using it and the way to behave when using the kite. It usually takes around 2 months of regular trainings to become an experienced kite rider.
Yes, you will get an IKO certificate after the completion of our classes and camp.
Children of 12 years and more are allowed to enroll the courses and are offered an individual instructor.